8 Best WhatsApp Apps to Get Most Out of It

In this post, I will show you 8 best WhatsApp apps for Android. These apps will help you to improve your user experience.

Definitely, WhatsApp is one of the prior application when it comes to the messaging, especially in India. And developers are working hard on implementing new features to hook up users with WhatsApp. While other developers are launching tools on Google Play Store which are definitely worth to shot at least once to enhance your daily WhatsApp usage. WhatsApp can be made even better with some juicy apps that provide different tools.

Alright, I am here with 8 best applications for WhatsApp those are worth to give a try if you want to take your WhatsApp user experience on another level. I am damn sure you will fall in love with those apps. So, without wasting any time let’s get into it.

Nature of Apps

Before we jump into the list, I want to tell you a little bit about apps’ nature. All the applications are listed below, available on Google Play Store for free. Download links are attached. So, you can simply install them through the Play Store. And whenever you want to remove them, then simply hit the uninstall button. As far as the app goes, they are working as WhatsApp tools, so in the case of each app, you have to access them through various methods. By going into sharing tray, by going into the individual app, for example.

Blank Message

Starting with the app that you may use to annoy your friends — Blank Message. Using this app, you can send a long message that shows ‘nothing’. Yes, that’s what I meant. The message shows blank spaces. The app gives you two option to send a blank message. You can go either with the raws or with the characters. In screenshots attached below, I have selected a raw option. Then simply select the number of raws/characters and tap on the send button.

Download App from Google Play Store →


‘This message was deleted.’ — I guess no one wants this message. Since WhatsApp has implemented this feature, people often delete messages if they are sent by mistake or it could be another reason. But, whatever it may be, Restory app will help you to get out from this situation. With this app, you can read all of the deleted messages. Basically, this app reads a new message you receive on your WhatsApp. And when it gets deleted, it automatically stores it. And you can access by simply going into the Restory app.

Download App from Google Play Store →


TalkFaster app is concentrated on people who chat with voice messages. With the TalkFaster app, one can easily save time by increasing the audio time. The app gives options to speed up the voice. You can speed up by x2, x1.75, x1.50, x1.25, etc. In the app, it shows the total saved time which lets you know how better you are using this application.

To use TalkFaster, you have to tap and hold down on voice message> Tap on share button> now, tap on TalkFaster icon from sharing tray. It will prompt speed. Select any and that’s it!

Download App from Google Play Store →

Audio Status Maker

Audio Status Maker is the best app, I came across on Google Play Store. This app lets you create stories by using synchronizing music with the images. You can also add different text, emojis, and stickers on your image to make it even better. So, WhatsApp status feature allows users to publish 30 seconds video. So, with this app, you can also trim music and take any part of the music to put into your story. And when everything is ready, you can save it to your device storage and share on WhatsApp as well as on other social media platforms.

Download App from Google Play Store →


Not getting much time for a message from your busy schedule or having a WhatsApp group where you share updates with your members on a daily basis? This app will help you get rid of all of those responsibilities. SKEDit is scheduling app which allows the user to schedule messages for WhatsApp. One of the best things is you can schedule messages for a particular person and for the group as well. It will automatically send a message to you.

However, there are a few downsides. First, you have to make an account to use this application. Second, this app doesn’t work with the lock screen. So, you have to disable the lock screen if you want to use this app.

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Personal Sticker for WhatsApp

WhatsApp stickers are a great implementation done by the company. People can express their emotions very easily using stickers. Still, the emoji plays the main role but sticker makes chat look much funky and easy to use. Well, WhatsApp provides some sticker packs but they are limited. However, it supports third-party sticker packs. So, you can download according to your need. But, what if you want to add your own image to use as a sticker? Well, you have no choice. You can use this application to make your own sticker app.

Although it requires some steps to make your own sticker. You can follow our detailed guide.

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WhatsApp allows sending messages automatically in their WhatsApp business app. You can use that service. But, as the name says, it can not be useful on a day-to-day basis. To respond automatically in traditional WhatsApp application, you can use AutoResponder application. You can set any messages you want in this. This application also offers a pro account which will unlock some additional feature. Although I don’t think it is necessary to buy. Because the free version wraps up everything.

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Status Saver

In the end, I want to include the Status Saver application. Now, as its name suggests, you can save anyone’s WhatsApp status on your smartphone. Simply you have to go into this application and it will let you download all the seen status. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that, first you have to see all status from WhatsApp, then you will be able to download from this application.

Download App from Google Play Store →


Unofficial Telegram Stickers for WhatsApp

Before ending this article, I want to also mention this bonus app. This application allows the user to use all Telegram stickers in WhatsApp with one tap.

Download App from Google Play Store →

So, that wraps up everything. I hope you find every application unique. But if we missed any, feel free to comment below. We will include it as well.



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