Top 3 Best VPN Apps That You Should Be Using Right Now

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Virtual Private Network – the way you can hide your identity while you are downloading or doing any illegal activity. People use VPN applications to hide piracy. The software is available for free then why anyone will buy it? No… that’s not the proper solution. Apart from this, the VPN app that you are using is sometimes shared your activities with another party and cannot even know about that. It increases the chances that you will be caught by the government.

The worst VPN applications I came across on the Google Play Store are the Turbo VPN and Protect Free VPN. I have noticed Turbo VPN automatically starts its service without any permission in the background and tracks users activity. I also have tweeted the same to inform my followers. The second one Protect Free VPN collects your data. It keeps the record of a site that you visit when you connect it. So, I personally suggest you for not to download them.

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Let us take a look on those VPN applications that you should be using right now on your Android device!


VPN Hub is the VPN service made available by the PornHub. The application offers private and secure VPN that encrypts users’ personal data and hides their device IP address and location as well as the identity. Please keep in kind that application offers free and unlimited VPN on USA servers. To go to other country servers you must have to purchase their premium service.

[appbox googleplay com.appatomic.vpnhub]

Express VPN

The Express VPN is the great VPN service I have used until now on my Android device. The reason I love it is it provides me the high speed even on the different server I am connected. While in other VPN applications you will notice slightly speed drop while you are connected through VPN.

[appbox googleplay com.expressvpn.vpn]


Betternet also offers the free and unlimited VPN for Android devices. This is my third most favorite VPN application. It is fast and secure. However, there is only one thing that annoys me lot in this app and those are ads. It contains advertisements that come up on the screen everytime when you connect or disconnect the VPN. The application doesn’t offer all countries unlocked in the free version. You have to buy premium in order to connect with other countries’ server.

[appbox googleplay com.freevpnintouch]

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