9 Best Torrent Websites to Use in 2020

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In this post, I have shared 8 best torrent websites to use in 2020.

When it comes to the pirated software, movies, songs or any other files, maybe everyone suggests torrents. Torrent is used by the hundreds of people every day who want to download the paid files for free on their computers. However, as per we think, torrent is most widely used to download the larger games as well as movies.

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Torrent is completely based on the five things. Seeders, Leechers, and Peers. Many of you even don’t know the meaning of these three words. Whenever any file you open on torrent site, every time you will see some number next to these three words and you probably have noticed that the higher number increases the chances of the fast downloading and also working software or whatever you download. So, let’s clear all terms first!

Torrent websites who provide the files depend upon them. Seeders are basically the uploaders. The number next to the seeder shows a number of uploaders. Leechers are basically the downloaders who downloads the files and the number next to the Peers shows that how many times this file shared by someone.

Now let us take a look at 8 best torrent websites ti use in 2020.

1. TorrentSites

TorrentSites.com is the best list of torrent sites. It’s here to help you download free movies, TV shows, music, software, games (PC, Xbox, PS), and even anime.

2. Rarbg

RARBG torrent site has made a good impression. Since the website came in light there are tons of people who visit this website every day. RARBG has everything well categorized. It makes easy to download files you want from this website. Give a try to RARBG, you will love it.

3. 1337X

1337X has dedicated group of file uploaders as well as it also has well-organized everything. So, doesn’t matter whether you want to download software, movies, or music, you will find everything easily.

4. TorrentZ2

TorrentZ2 is the second version of Torrentz.eu website. The website hit so many visitors daily. Because it works as a Torrent search engine that lets you search torrent files and show them.

5. Torlock

Torlock is another one great torrent website you can go for. The website has almost every download covered. On Turlock, you can search for anything you want website wide. Furthermore, the website every day gets new files to download.


EXTV.AG is a torrent site which is mainly focused on TV-torrents. The website allows user to download tons of different TV-shows in up to 1080p resolution. The EZTV.AG has been changed to EZTV.IO domain. Furthermore, the website has different other domains such as EZTV.RE, and EZTV. CH.

7. IsoHunt

IsoHunt website has a large library for movies, anime, software, games, and music. It’s a BitTorrent search engine. The website has more than 2 million torrents.

8. Limetorrents

Limetorrents is in the light for a long time ago. However, the company has not quite good impressions so that it didn’t hit the headlines much. A few months ago the website got completely redesigned to attract more visitors.

9. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site. It allows you to download movies, books, software, and much more. Well, you can go over the page using a manual search.



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