Best Sites to Watch Movie Online for Free (and Legal)

Day by day piracy is being more healthier. So, if I say ‘this website offers free movie to watch’ it might sound like piracy to you. Well, it is possible to stream a movie for free online with some websites and it doesn’t come under piracy. Fortunately, there are legal streaming contents available on the internet. So, I am here with some best sites to watch movie online for free and that’s legal.

So, you are on the internet and finding a website that allows you to watch the movie for free without downloading. I guess to find a website is feasible. In fact, the internet has tons of different movie offering websites that do allow you to watch different TV shows as well. But, you just have to search in the right places. We will take a look at free movie websites in a bit, but before I would like to share about what you expect from these free movie watching sites.

What You Should Expect from these Free Sites?

Free movie streaming sites in the list have a ton of free and legal videos online. In short, you will find a real mix online. There are some sites which contain some new and old movies which are currently common property. That means, the movies have lapsed the ownership and anyone can watch that movie anywhere. It will be counted as legal.

However, you shouldn’t fly high in the sky. Stay in the middle. Sometimes, people just search for a particular movie on free movie streaming sites and they don’t get the expected result. Well, You shouldn’t expect the latest releases from these free movie watching websites. But, some of them are just quick enough to bring the movie in two months after its original release date.

With that let’s see what are those best sites to watch free movie online.

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The first site in our list of best sites to watch free movie online — Stremio. As the name suggests, Stremio is one of the best movie streaming sites you can give a try. Well, you might have seen different movie streaming sites offer their content from one website online. But Stremio falls differ from them. Because it’s one package that bundles streaming service, torrent client and movie content all in one.

Thus, it makes Stremio reliable movie streaming site. Just open Stremio, turn on home theatre and it will rock! To stream a movie on Stremio, you will have to integrate different add-ons in it. It isn’t complicated. It has a dedicated store that lets you download add-ons such as Netflix, YouTube, FlimOn, etc.

For example, if you want to stream through YouTube, simply download the YouTube add-on, log in and done. It will continue synchronizing between other devices over your YouTube account. And for this cross-platform feature, Stremio gets a bonus point from me.

MX Player

If you have ever searched for best video player, you would definitely get MX Player name on top. MX Player was initially launched as an Android app which is developed by J2 Interactive. Well, the app now crossed more than 500 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Taking advantage of a bigger audience the company released a huge update in their Android app which allows you to watch movies for free along with TV serials, exclusive web-series and much more. Now, the service is not limited to the Android app, though. You can watch movie for free on their website. It has some best collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood (Telugu film industry) movies.

The website also allows you to stream content of different TV shows, web shows, music, sports, and news. In short, MX Player contains all layers of streaming categories.

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Vudu Movies on Us

Stepping up – Vudu is the next streaming site in our best sites to watch free movie online.  Vudu is divided into two different streaming category. While the main Vudu site is known for its digital video sales and rentals, the Vudu Movies on Us offers to watch free movie online and it makes it the best free movies streaming site.

It’s not a bad deal to go with the Vudu to stream movies for free online. It contains some of the fantastic movies like Batman, Open Water 3, Open Season 2 and City of Ghosts. These movie collections make it a perfect place to watch movies.

Although it offers free movies, you will have to go through ads in between movies. But, I guess you should be comfortable with it. Because you can stream all movies on 1080p Full HD resolution. It’s totally worth it.

Feature Films

If you are ever interested in going back to the past and watch movies for free, Feature Films could be your best choice. Since this website allows users to access a collection of some featured old movies. Some of them are in black and white in color. Well, I know, you wouldn’t like this kind of website, but I think we should always accept being a retro person sometimes.

This website offers movie collection from the year 1874 to 2018. You can think, how old movie collection this website has. Of course, you will go through all movie experience starting from B&W Silent movie to GFX colored movie. Well, I want to be specific that you shouldn’t expect the latest releases from this website.


Since we are exploring the best sites to watch movie online for free, how can we forget Hotstar? Hotstar is specially made for India. You can stream movies, watch TV shows, enjoy sports and stay up to date with news using Hotstar. India based Hotstar website allows to watch movie online for free. While out of India, Hotstar does cost monthly charges. There aren’t any free service. So, its like exclusive for Indian users.

Hotstar has a large collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies that you can stream online. However, you won’t get access to some premium movies like Marvel Avengers (my favorite by the way). But, it’s a huge deal that you are getting the free movie to watch on this platform. Further, if you want you can go with the rental and premium account option. It will unlock everything and would give you access to some exclusive perks.

Hotstar is often quick to bring the latest releases. But, it always keeps it locked for a certain time period. It depends on the movie how popular it is. If it isn’t it would make available for free to watch after one or two months of release.

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Open Culture

Open Culture brings high-quality culture and educational media. The website is free to access. It does contain over 1000 free online movies to watch. The category includes the classics, indies, film noir, documentaries, and other films, created by some of our greatest actors, actresses, and directors.

Open Culture is one of the reliable websites to use to watch movie online for free. The website has a collection of some of the best movies like Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, as well as Oscar-winning movies which include the Glass, Lagorama, Neighbors, etc.

The Open Culture website appears like a blog. But, it would help you to find movies easily. Because all movie names are mentioned on one page and separated by different categories. So, you can jump on any specific page according to your choice and select the movie that you want to watch.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is also one of the fantastic services to stream movies online for free. Here you will be able to view newer movies including Lords of Salem, A Most Wanted Man, and Bulletproof Monk. Furthermore, it also has a sci-fi movie The Running Man.

There is a new exclusive feature on Tubi TV called Leaving Soon. The Leaving Soon category contains the movies and shows which aren’t yet available. That means you can stream them before they become available. Thus you can prioritize your stream experience.

Although to get access, you will have to make an account. But, I guess it completely worthy since you get access to the large movie collection.

YouTube Movies

We know YouTube is nowadays a platform where you can watch tons of videos from your favorite creators for free. But YouTube has its own dedicated channel for movies that lets your stream movie free online. Although, it also does contain paid and rental movies.

YouTube Movies currently doesn’t show off free movies in India. But you can get access to free movies by using any VPN service. Since we know YouTube Movies available outside India, you can set any location. The most preferred one is the U.S. Once you are connected to VPN, simply head over to the YouTube Movie channel and find out a playlist of free movies.

The movies you stream online will show you ads in between the movie. Fortunately, it follows YouTube rules. Means will be able to skip some ads after 5 seconds and keep continue watching your movie.

You Just Have to Understand Where to Search

If you couldn’t find a movie that you want to watch, then I am extremely sorry for it. But, to watch free movie online, you only have to find the right place to search in. The sites listed in this post would indeed provide you the best user experience. Please take a few seconds and do let us know which one you picked.

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