Best Redmi Note 7/ Pro Cases You Can Buy

Redmi Note 7 Pro launched in the Indian market a month ago and its already getting a good response from the customers. The last 4 sales of Redmi Note 7 Pro didn’t last longer than 5 minutes. Well, If you bought one for yourself you might be looking for some accessories for Redmi Note 7 Pro. So here is the list of back covers that you can buy for your device.

Kapaver Case:

Kapaver case provides 360-degree protection to your device while maintaining its slim profile. It using Air Cushion technology and shockproof corners saves the devices from usual corner drops. It also has good grips which makes it easy to hold in summer.

The case is made out of a mold that is specifically designed for your phone model so it takes to care for the smallest details of your phone such as sensors, camera, speakers, etc…  Also, The case is highly flexible and made of Unique Smooth Silk Brushed Texture and carbon fiber with glossy accents on the back side to enhance the looks of your phone and make your phone stand out.

Fortify Soft Fabric Case:

The Fortify case is made of premium silicon soft TPU material and high-quality fabric. It has a nice grip around which makes it easy to hold in the hot summer. The Fortify case has shockproof corners to save the device from the corner drops. The ports have clean cutout and buttons have fabric around.

It can be used with Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 7 Pro devices without any issue. The dual color pattern looks great on the back cover.

Redmi Note 7 Pro Case from Xiaomi

I’m not a big fan of the design but if you don’t mind that then you should definitely get this back cover. The back cover from Xiaomi is available in black and yellow colors and its made of polycarbonate which is less likely to be protective if you drop your phone too often.

Hard Back Covers (from AliExpress)

If you’re looking for some budget back covers then this one is a perfect choice. But you may have to wait for a month to receive it at your doorstep. This back cover looks good and it’s hardcover with a soft frame made of fabric.

Minimal Febelo Case:

If you don’t like the fancy design then you can grab one minimal febelo case from Amazon. This case is lightweight and ultra slim. It fits perfectly on Note 7 Pro but it’s made up of soft plastic which is less likely protective if you drop your device too often.