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Welcome to the 1st edition of Android Apps Weekly. Introducing the new article series where you will get the best free Android apps list. The article will be dropped every Monday. You should definitely give a try to them. And if you have any suggestions, please do let me know, I will mention it.

Android applications in the Google Play Store increasing drastically. It’s really good to see development growth for Android. And that’s why, right now, Android is the most preferred operating system. Since you get more freedom across the platform. To find out the best apps for Android phones is quite hard.

But, we will always try to bring a list of best free Android apps for you all. Anyways, walk through the best apps list.

Curator (Unreleased)

Majority of people, including you, might be using Google Photos to organize your images. Of course, it keeps each and every image well organized. Further, you can just search by place name to find out your images. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence. However, Google Photos still requires internet to search images, because it fetches information from its server.

Curator is the first app in our best free Android apps list. It’s an Android gallery that also organizes your photos based upon Artificial Intelligence. But, entirely offline. So, you can now load your images even faster by simply using the search button.

The Curator app comes with a minimal user interface that shows well-organized images. Further, it has the inbuilt dark mode switch. So, it makes switching between apps quick and smooth. I would definitely recommend trying this app on your Android device. You will love it.


Have you seen those beautiful Scribble animations? Scribbl makes it possible in an easy way. It’s now one of my favorite apps. The app lets you add glowing line animation (scribble animation) in the image as the way you want. You simply have to use your finger to draw it using the brush tool.

The app offers many customization options. So, you can change colors, animations, line style, size and more. And once you are done drawing your animation on the image, you can export the image in Full HD quality to upload on your social media accounts. The app exports the mp4 video as an output.

The app also offers a premium version which unlocked more features and removes the ad. But, you can perform most of the stuff in the free version so nothing to worry about.

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You have an email box, and you feel bored in deleting them or unsubscribing. Then I must tell you, Cleanfox is the app made for you. It’s a super useful app in today’s time to save your time in cleaning your emails. It’s an anti-spam tool to get rid of useless, newsletters and advertising emails with just one tap.

So, with Cleanfox you can unsubscribe from all unwanted emails and remove them from your inbox. It will show up newsletter based email on your mobile screen based upon your rate of interest. And then you can unsubscribe or delete emails straight from your inbox. Give it try, you will love this app.

However, if you are settings up to this app for the first time then it would take several minutes to fetch your emails based upon the count.


Creative is the fourth app in our best free Android apps list. Well, I have included this app based upon the people visit our articles of wallpaper. Since, readers love to visit our wallpaper articles, I though I would share this app with you all.

Creative is an app that bundles wallpapers, ringtones, launchers, icon packs, widgets and much more. Put simply, its a pack to customize your Android phone. The application has nice collections of everything, I would say. So, make sure you give a try. The app is available for free.

Angry Birds: Explore

I though I would also include one game in the best free Android apps list. So, here I am with Angry Birds: Explore. The game opens new way to play Angry Birds game in your living room. So, this app is basically based upon the Augmented Reality. Its an AR mini game.

Angry Birds: Explore game includes characters from the Angry Birds 2 movie. In this game, you will have to explore the different islands. Further, you build up the hut for birds in your own room by seeing on screen in Augmented Reality. There is a certain number of mystery boxes available that can also give you different prizes every day when you will open the game.

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