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Welcome to the 4th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Introducing the new article series where you will get the best free Android apps list. The article will be dropped every Monday. Every edition contains five best apps and you should definitely give a try to them. And if you have any suggestions, please do let me know, I will mention it.

Android applications on the Google Play Store increasing drastically. It’s really good to see development growth for Android. And that’s why, right now, Android is the most preferred operating system. You get more freedom across the platform. You can sideload apps if they are not available on the Google Play Store.

I can understand, to find out the best apps for Android phones is quite hard. A new app pops up on the Google Play Store every day. We don’t even know which one we should try. But, we will always try to bring a list of best free Android apps for you all. Anyways, let’s walk through the best free android apps list.

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Edge Screen

The first-ever Samsung smartphone with the curved edge was Samsung Galaxy S6. And I personally tried by myself. Samsung’s utilized that curved edge with a very clever trick. You can drag tools and apps by just swiping from the edge and bring the apps and tools on your smartphone screen to use them quickly. Since then Samsung has been implementing this feature on their smartphones.

Well, Edge Screen is the first app in the list of this week’s applications. As the name suggests it brings this feature to literally any devices and you get to enjoy the many benefits of edge launcher on your phone or tablet.

It will allow the user to bring applications, contacts, music player, quick settings, calendar, calculator, etc. So, it could be a pretty handful app if you do keep yourself switching between applications to do some tasks.


In this social media life, people do share messages every day. Sometimes, links of any web page or videos. However, Android’s native share dialogue is somehow slow and doesn’t show apps at first which you frequently share on. Well, Google fixing this problem in Android Q.

Sharedr will replace Android’s native share dialogue with its own designed one. It will allow you to scroll vertically through the whole app list. Furthermore, you can also pin the app on top on which you share messages more frequently.

The app also does feature the URL shortener. So, you can just share any long URL by making it short with your friends. Whenever you will get a new message, it will show a ‘Share’ text on a tray. So, you can directly share it by tapping on it.

Motivation 365

Ever want to keep yourself motivated? This app is best I got for you. Motivation 365 is quite a good app which keeps you motivated every day with some interesting short stories, motivational quotes, and wallpapers. This app allows the user to scroll through its huge quite library which you can share with your friends as well as some nice looking wallpapers.

However, the wallpapers are a bit of low quality as I personally found. But, it still does the job nicely if you want to apply them on your phone. Further, the app allows you to read short motivational stories as some of you might are interested in reading books in the morning with a cup of tea or at night before taking a sleep.

The app comes with the nice user interface and you can like quote, wallpaper or story to filter them and access later quickly.

Floating Apps

People often do multitasking on their Android devices. Maybe a ‘Split Screen’ feature is what currently everyone is using to do multi-tasking. But, you know what, it divides your device screen into a half-sized small window which would never give a flow to your work. A Floating Apps is what comes into play.

As its name suggests, with the Floating Apps applications, you can access apps in a floating window. So, whenever you want to access any app, you can open it in a small window over another app, perform a task, and simply minimize it whenever you want. It would give you flow to your work.

However, I personally would suggest to download and install this app on those smartphones who are having 4GB or more RAM. It requires more RAM usage.


For those people who often ask for the minimal looking gallery app on their smartphones, introducing – Gallery app. This app is a super minimal gallery app for Android devices without any ads.

Gallery app will list all your happy moments by time, including photos and videos share pictures to other apps. It also comes with the inbuilt photo and video editor feature. It lets you edit different effects in your images, make a collage and cut the videos, etc.

This app also has deep AI technology integration that recognizes all faces from your images and lets you scroll through images depending upon the face. It doesn’t require internet access. The app runs offline.


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