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Welcome to the 3rd edition of Android Apps Weekly. Introducing the new article series where you will get the best free Android apps list. The article will be dropped every Monday. Every edition contains five best apps and you should definitely give a try to them. And if you have any suggestions, please do let me know, I will mention it.

Android applications on the Google Play Store increasing drastically. It’s really good to see development growth for Android. And that’s why, right now, Android is the most preferred operating system. You get more freedom across the platform. You can sideload apps if they are not available on the Google Play Store. However, you always should do care about malware thing. The recent Agent Smith malware attacked on tons of smartphones.

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I can understand, to find out the best apps for Android phones is quite hard. A new app pops up on the Google Play Store every day. We don’t even know which one we should try. But, we will always try to bring a list of best free Android apps for you all. Anyways, let’s walk through the best free android apps list.

At the end of the article please do consider voting. This poll helps us to create a whole chart of best apps loved by people at the end of every month. So, please do consider voting. It would take 1 second hardly.

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LessPhone Launcher

A simple yet handy launcher for your Android device that lets your phone’s screen into classic looking black and white. LessPhone launcher is developed to take over the addition to any app that doesn’t let you sleep overnight. Currently, the phone is becoming one type of toy for people. Starting from waking up to the night on the bed they spend their time with the smartphone. People go to the bathroom with it, eat with it, get on the bus with it, travel with it and wait in queue with it.

LessPhone launcher will give you access to only those applications which you actually want to use on your smartphone to stop wasting your time. The launcher doesn’t allow to access the whole app drawer. Once you will set this app as a default launcher on your Android device, you simply have to put up to 8 applications on the screen which you actually want to try on a daily basis.

This launcher offers some extra feature if you buy a premium subscription. With the free pack, you can put only 4 apps on the main screen, also you cannot turn on the dark mode. It costs only Rs. 70 for the premium app.

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Everyone hates to uninstall unwanted applications from their Android device, right? Well, an UnApp is for you then. As its name suggests, the app developed to uninstall applications on your Android device.

People are used to uninstalling applications either from settings or directly from home screen or by long-pressing and drag it to over uninstall button. But, whichever path you go with, you always have to uninstall apps one after another. That way is too time-consuming.

With an UnApp application, you can uninstall multiple apps with one tap. You can select multiple apps and remove them from your phone. It will be faster than uninstall them one by one. Also, this app doesn’t ask from you root access, but you won’t be able to uninstall system apps. If you don’t want to see system apps in the list, you can hide them in UnApp settings.


Shredder is an amazing app to permanently delete files from your Android device. Traditional data removing methods like deleting, formatting and flashing will not entirely remove the data from a device, instead, they will just hide this data and make it inaccessible. But these hidden data can be accessed by anyone using data recovery software. Data recovery software is very cheap and available to anyone.

With Shredder, you can delete files permanently from your Android device. This app allows you to secure delete everything in one tap or you can choose to delete folder and files. It comes with 11 unique algorithms to delete folder & files. Based on different algorithms, the app removed all data from your Android device. So, it won’t be recovered by any recovery software.

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In the previous Android apps post, we shared a sweet app for wallpapers who love abstract style. Here’s another new app for beautiful wallpapers of all kind. This app serves some of the amazing looking wallpapers that you can apply to your device.

Walldrobe wallpaper app offers some handpicked wallpapers which are filed under different categories includes art, black, city, landscape, flower and more. This app allows you to download the image on your device to set it as a wallpaper.

It is basically a newly arrived application on Google Play Store which is currently running on around 50,000 devices only. However, the response from 2,000 users is amazing and this app rocking with 4.6 stars on Google Play Store.


Lastly, I want to introduce one puzzle game – hocus. hocus. is a minimal perspective illusion puzzle game. It is based upon M.C. Escher drawings and impossible shapes. Well, this game comes with the clean user interface without ads. You will have to help that red cube to reach on its destination.

Its a best game currently I have installed on my device. The game comes with a total of 120 different levels to play. However, believe me, after certain levels around 25, the game becomes quite hard to solve. The game comes with pleasant music and sounds so it won’t strike hard on your mind.

With that, there was a list of best free Android apps of this week. I know, I missed last week’s best free Android apps. I am really sorry about it. Anyways, put your thoughts in the comment section below. I read every comment.


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