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Welcome to the 2nd edition of Android Apps Weekly. Introducing the new article series where you will get the best free Android apps list. The article will be dropped every Monday. Every edition contains five best apps and you should definitely give a try to them. And if you have any suggestions, please do let me know, I will mention it.

Android applications in the Google Play Store increasing drastically. It’s really good to see development growth for Android. And that’s why, right now, Android is the most preferred operating system. You get more freedom across the platform. You can sideload apps if they are not available on the Google Play Store.

I can understand to find out the best apps for Android phones is quite hard. A new app pops up on the Google Play Store every day. We don’t even know which one we should try. But, we will always try to bring a list of best free Android apps for you all. Anyways, let’s walk through the best apps list.

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Abstruct – 4K Wallpapers

Who doesn’t love to customize their smartphone!? Well, Abstruct is then for you! Abstruct is the first app this week’s best Android apps.  An Abstruct is a great wallpaper app that you will definitely love. The app offers some really nice looking wallpapers in 4K resolution for your Android device. It offers collections under some categories includes blend, paranoid, craft, topology, vibrance, void and poly.

I want to here mention one fact that this app is developed by Hampus Olsson. FYI, Hampus Olsson is the wallpapers maker and he designs wallpapers for OnePlus handsets includes OnePlus 2 to the latest OnePlus 7. So, this app, of course, has a dedicated category that lets you download all the OnePlus device wallpapers for your Android to use.

Although, we share stock wallpapers of every Android device launches in the market. So, you can also find out from our dedicated page.

Abstruct wallpaper app also includes in-app purchases which cost Rs. 150. So, if you are enjoying the wallpapers and want some more exclusive wallpapers designed by Hampus Olsson, you can unlock by purchasing the subscription.

Enlight Pixaloop

If you ever interested in creating videos from your photos then you would put Enlight Pixaloop in your app drawer. This app allows you to create moving images and discover the unique type of photo animation which differs from photo to photo. I know you are wondering and thinking what am I trying to say. So, the video attached below will make everything clear.

People love to share their unique content on their social media profiles. With Pixaloop you can add some smooth animation and create a loop. Once done, you can save that animated image in your device gallery and share on social media accounts. The best thing is it creates the GIF rather than a .mp4 file. So, if you will share it anywhere it will play in a continuous loop.

The app contains in-app purchases. With a subscription, it unlocks more transitions and other features.


BlueMail is a new email hub that lets you keep your all emails at one place. If you went through our 1st Edition of Weekly Apps Article series, you would know about CleanFox. Well, let me say, both are completely different. BlueMail is free universal email app which allows the user to manage their unlimited number of mail account in one app.

This app has a smart push notifications feature. That means it will send notifications to you from the important emails only. You can set up email accounts of various providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL and more. Everything is just free and it will take a couple of seconds to set up everything. Because the application uses the POP3+ exchange autoconfiguration. So, it will set up everything by itself automatically.

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Bridge – Mirror Notifications

If you are a multiple device holder. But, you most often miss important notifications such as messages or reminder notifications, etc. then the Bridge app will help you. Bridge enabled the possibility of receiving notifications seamlessly across all of your Android devices. The app also does offer to mirror notifications on your computer. So, that any notifications you get on your Android device, it will show up on your computer screen.

Well, the service is not limited up to the receiving notifications. But, you can also perform the same Quick Actions as you do with original notifications aka quick reply, like or delete. Furthermore, if you get notifications and if you will dismiss it on one device, it will be dismissed from all devices at the same time. Because of the two-way sync.

Popshot App

Have ever heard of an app that shares a web screenshot? Well, Popshot is an app I came across earlier in the previous week. I thought I would share this app with you all. With Popshot, you can share live web screenshot. That means, when the recipient will tap on your shared screenshot, the same webpage will open in their device. Sounds really cool. Isn’t it?

You can share any web page or video screenshot from any website. However, as I have found the app has its own limitations. First thing, you will have to open the website in Popshot app browser to take a snap. Second, the recipient also should have this app installed to convert screenshot in a web page. If you will try to share via another medium, it will be converted into a still image.

So, that wraps up. This was a list of 5 best Android apps for this week. If you have any recommendations then please do let me know below.



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