10 Best Email Apps for Android to Use

No matter how much you use SMS or any other messaging application on your smartphone. They will never come up over the level that email has. As of 2019, there is more than 230 billion email account active right now on different mail services. Among the majority of accounts are on Gmail and Yahoo mail. So, you are here that means you want the best experience while you scroll into your mail-box. Well, here I am with 10 best email apps for your Android device.

The email apps for Android I have mentioned here are all minimal and follows the material design. So, doesn’t matter which email app you download, it would give you the maximum out of it along with outstanding user experience. If you ask me, I would definitely recommend minimal email app that not just show emails in your inbox, but also have smart tools that show you important emails first and notify for only important emails you get.

With that, let us jump on the best email apps for your Android device to use and take your user experience to the next level.

Note: The list below contains best email apps for Android is not in order of preference. They all are in random order. So, you will have to pick one manually. Furthermore, the screenshots attached below are taken from the Google Play Store. Because I don’t want to ruin UI by making it blur. With a clear view, you can understand how it actually looks. 

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Starting with the first best email app — BlueMail.

BlueMail is a new email hub that lets you keep your all emails at one place and notify you only for the important emails using its smart notification feature. BlueMail is free universal email app which allows the user to manage their unlimited number of mail account in one app.

This app has a smart push notifications feature. That means it will send notifications to you from the important emails only. You can set up email accounts of various providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL and more. Everything is just free and it will take a couple of seconds to set up everything. Because the application uses the POP3+ exchange autoconfiguration. So, it will set up everything by itself automatically.

Email App for Gmail and Outlook

Stepping up, coming on the next email app. So, as you have read the name, the app calls itself with a simple name – Email. And sometimes it becomes hard to get the right one in search results. So, make sure you download from the link attached below. Anyways, the Email app will help you to log in and manage your emails in a professional and convenient way.

Email app is a minimal application with some cute animations. The app in the title mentions only two email provider names. However, it supports Exchange, Hotmail, mail.com along with Gmail and Outlook. Further, the application also supports the different types of mail services including popular one IMAP and POP3+.

Email app also does come with the smart push notification feature which only sends important mail notifications. Furthermore, for different email accounts, you can also set custom notification sound. You can also change the theme if you are not satisfied with the stock theme. I guess this could be the best email app to use for you.

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TypeApp Email

TypeApp email is rocking with 4.6 stars on Google Play Store. The app has over 1 million downloads. If you have ever searched on Google Play Store for best email apps for your Android device, you would have seen this app in the search results. The app is one of the popular email clients.

TypeApp will also provide you better user experience while managing all your email accounts. So, yes, you can put all of your email accounts into this one app and let the app organize them and manage you. If you are using the stock email client, then TypeApp mail is yet another best option for you.

Email by Edison

Email by Edison is one of the praised email apps. The app also is known as Email by EasilyDo. This could be the choice for you because of the better user experience. So, the app firstly comes with the elegant design that lets you manage and take actions over your email with ease. The app supports multiple email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange, iCloud and more.

Well, one fact I would like to mention here about this app. I am pretty much impressed with its speed. The app is lightweight, but it’s pretty fast compared to others I have mentioned in the list. Furthermore, the app comes with the assistant built-in that let keep the lifestyle essentials like shopping, expenses, travel, and subscriptions organized.

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Zoho Mail – Email and Calendar

If you love to use clean and sober email app, Zoho Mail app is next in our list. Well, as the name makes clear, this email app also brings the Calendar with it. That means, when you will log in this app using your email id, it would ask for permission to get access to your calendar events. So that it can notify you on the following day when an event is scheduled.

Don’t worry about the accounts. This email app also allows you to add unlimited accounts for free. Furthermore, this app lets you write and send emails offline as Gmail does. Well, to be honest, the email will be saved in the queue to send and when your device will come online, it will be sent. So, according to me, the following are the top features of this app;

  • Conversation view
  • Multiple account support
  • Quick swipe-actions
  • Smart push notifications
  • Work offline


Moving for next email app in the list – Aquamail. Since you are finding the best email app for your Android device, you should also consider an Aquamail. The mail was a bit down in the list as of now, but it is one of the famous email apps. It crossed 1 million+ downloads on Google Play Store and manager to gain 4.5 stars.

The app will take a few seconds to configure your email accounts which removes unnecessary steps to follow and makes setup so fast. The app allows you to customize your mailbox on your own way with provided customization options. This mail app also brings some nice built-in features like;

  • Multiple account support
  • OAuth2 login method
  • Integration with third-party apps like Nova launcher for widgets
  • Push notification feature


Moving over the next email app in the list of best email apps for Android. myMail is another reliable email client for Android that lets you manage all your email account at once with ease. myMail email app for Android comes with smooth and clutter free UI. It supports all major email providers and any other IMAP or POP3+ enabled.

Furthermore, the app provides real-time customizable notifications that will notify on each time you get important mail, data compression for sending and receiving email and smart search button. Well, the app is not highly-featured but I admit, it carries all the necessary feature required in an email app.

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Newton Mail

Newton Mail is another powerful email client that you can switch to. If you are generally using Gmail app more often in your daily life, then Newton Mail app is the next preferred email app you should try out. Newton Mail is known for its cross-platform abilities, user interface, and smart search capabilities.

Just like other email clients, it also supports primary email providers. Furthermore, you can also integrate other work tools like Pocket, Evernote, Trello, Zendesk, etc. Newton Mail app has super minimal looking inbox theme. Thanks to the new updates. Well, the app is not totally free, however, with a premium subscription, the app offers features like Read Receipts, Send Later, Undo Send, Snooze and more.

So, you won’t regret if you purchase a subscription. And if you don’t want to, you will get 14 days free trial if you are a new user.


Mail.ru is another reliable email app to manage your emails from different email providers. It’s a simple and fast email app for several other email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and some of the IMAP and POP3+ email services. The app comes with a smart-push notifications feature, personal spam filter, a dedicated protected folder to store your information and more.

Mail.ru email app also enabled the full synchronization. So, it does not matter whether you read, flagged, or moved messages from a computer or mobile. All changes will be saved on the server and synchronized between other devices you have logged in through Mail.ru app. You can also use the smart search feature. Among these all, Mail.ru email app for Android also offers some traditional features.

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Nine – Email & Calendar

If you are on the Google Play Store and willing to spend money on email app, Nine could be your choice. It’s a paid email client. If you want to spend money, you can register on Nine for a trial subscription for 2 weeks and then it will cost $14.99 (in India Rs. 950).

Nine is a full-fledged email app for Android based on Direct Push technology to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and also designed for entrepreneurs or ordinary people who want to have efficient communication with their colleagues, friends, ‎and family members at any time, anywhere. It also brings the calendar synchronization. So, whatever events are saved on your Gmail account in the calendar it will funnel everything in its own calendar and will notify you for the event you scheduled.

Bonus Apps


You have an email box, and you feel bored in deleting them or unsubscribing. Then I must tell you, Cleanfox is the app made for you. It’s a super useful app in today’s time to save your time in cleaning your emails. It’s an anti-spam tool to get rid of useless, newsletters and advertising emails with just one tap. CleanFox isn’t mail client but, it is a really helpful app.

So, with Cleanfox you can unsubscribe from all unwanted emails and remove them from your inbox. It will show up newsletter based email on your mobile screen based upon your rate of interest. And then you can unsubscribe or delete emails straight from your inbox. Give it try, you will love this app.

However, if you are settings up to this app for the first time then it would take several minutes to fetch your emails based upon the count.


If you ever want to use pure material design with minimal transitions, Gmail app could be your first choice. With the featured update this year, Google has implemented tons of different options in Gmail that you can use to get most out of it. I personally loved it though. But, since I have multiple email accounts and unfortunately Google doesn’t support other email providers, I switched to the email client. But what I personally feel about Gmail is nothing negative. It’s classy, fast and secure email client you can use if you are only on Gmail account.

So that wraps up. These were the best email apps for Android including two bonus email apps.


I guess you might have confused in choosing the best email app out of these options. Well, I would say, all are best on their own. They offer sleek design, fast service, multiple account support, smart push notification and some of them also features theme option. Whatever you download, it will offer the best in them. Not talking about me, personally, I am using BlueMail app right now. So, I kept it at first.

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