12 Best Apps to Hide Photos for Your Android Device to Use in 2019

The smartphone is now like a toy that everyone wants to play with. But, don’t forget, it also carries some sensitive documents, photos, videos, files and lot more that requires to be safe and secured. Well, the majority of you might have private images that you don’t want to show everyone. So, in this post, I will show you 12 best apps to hide photos for your Android device.

You can use these apps to hide photos and videos. So, doesn’t matter whatever sensitive content you carry on your phone, these photo hiding apps will keep them secure. I personally use apps to hide photos on my device along with app locker. I also have listed out 8 best app lockers for Android if you want to check them out.

I have seen people often keep their Gallery locked with app locker. However, your sensitive images are still visible after opening the lock. In this case, it would be much better to use an app to hide photos. You simply search on Google best apps to hide photos and videos, but you get tons of options. Of course, that’s what Google Play Store does. To find out the best of them is not easy stuff. So, here’s a list of best apps to hide photos and videos for your Android.

I have check all applications on my Redmi Note 7 Pro handset. And they all are working fine. The following list includes vaults as well as hiding apps. So, please do make sure that as well. Further, the app screenshot is taken from the Google Play Store, because no vault app allows you to take an in-app screenshot.

Privary: Hide Photo, Video and Files

Starting with the Privary, the first app in our list. Privary is minimal looking and simple photo vault app. With this, you can hide all of your personal stuff like photos, videos, audio, PDF, documents and much more. This app has a unique design and some sweet animations. You can hide photos and videos and later on, you can make a group to access them with ease.

Privary photo hiding app lets you secure photos, videos, and files using password, pin, and fingerprint. Furthermore, it doesn’t come with any kind of limit. So, you can hide unlimited photos and videos. Also, you can make unlimited folders and sub-folders inside this app. The one main reason for giving it the first place is because of its ad-free, minimal user interface and lot more features. And that what everyone likes.

PrivacySafe: Hide Photos, Videos and Apps

Coming on the next one – it is PrivacySafe. PrivacySafe is a fantastic privacy protection app that can easily hide photos, videos, apps and any other file that you do not want others to see. Furthermore, the app can hide installed app icons. That way you can also keep your app data secure. The app also comes with a dark theme which puts this app in the list of the current trend.

PrivacySafe also allows a user to hide files using pattern, password, and fingerprint. However, the app contains ads which could a bit of annoying for you. So, whenever you add any file to hide in this app, it will show ad once those files will be imported. The banner ads on the bottom stay throughout any window in this app.


Andrognito, the name itself made of Android + Incognito is one of the secure privacy protection apps. This app allows you to hide your photos, videos and other documents behind the different security layers like PIN, password, fingerprint, and pattern. The app contains the military-grade AES encryption standards which ensures your photos, videos or documents, whatever is hidden are safe.

Well, the app comes with a beautiful material design. It does contain in-app purchases. So, with the free verison, you get just single vault. But if you want further improves security and more private vaults, you can go for a PRO version. Also, you will get rid of the ads which is obvious, you are paying for it.

The app basically uses your email id you sign in. That means you can access your images throughout any device that you will hide in this app with the PRO version. The app allows PRO user to encrypt photos on personal cloud and access them from anywhere. It will enhance your experience to hide photos.

dfndr Vault

Coming on the next one we have here dfnfr Vault which will allow you to hide photos and videos securely. The dfndr is available for free on Google Play Store. But it also contains in-app purchases. However, with the free version, the app offers lot more features which include, the military-grade encryption for your files, file recovery if you lost your device, a private cloud, and a secure file sharing.

When you will signup for the first time, this app will offer, 30 days to try premium for free which opens further features like spoofing, intruder alerts and ad-free experience with the unlimited photo upload. That does mean, the free version only allows to hide 25 files at a time. But, you can use 30 days trial to take most benefits out.

Hide Something: Photos, Videos

Hide Something is one of the most popular and highest rated hide app. This app has 4.6 stars rating on the Google Play Store with more than 5 million downloads. Hide Something is a free app that you can use to hide your images. Unlike the earlier apps which work as a vault, this app lets you hide your images through software trick. You can use PIN, password or fingerprint to get into the app and access secured files.

One of the most interesting features I like in this app is the one tap hide. I meant you can hide photos by just tapping on the ‘share’ icon in the main gallery app. You will find the hide options there. So, it will add your image to the hidden gallery. Further, the Hide Something app also allows you to play with the different themes it offers.

The Hide Something app comes with the features includes fake password which lets you show selected visible images only when you enter a fake password. I definitely recommend going with this app. You can download from the below.

Lynx – Hide Secret Photos

Lynx is another nice photo vault that you can use to hide your images. You can store, sync and safely share private photos on your cloud vault. It is another minimal looking vault to hide photos which I also recommend to use if you really want a premium user experience. But, here’s a reminder, Lynx app offers the freaking 5GB of free space to hide photos for free.

So, you can upload and lock your photos for free. With the same account you are using, you just have to sign in on another Android device and you will get everything back on your new phone in Lynx app. There are certain options to get more space for free. You can share the app with your friends. If s/he is a new user, you can get 512MB on each download.

Lynx app allows you to secure your images with PIN code and your fingerprint. There is no password option though. Furthermore, the app would give you complete ad-free experience in the free version as well. So, in case if you are worried about that.

Vault – Hide Photos and Videos

If you are an Android user and ever gone on Play Store to find the best vault app, you should definitely have gone through Vault app. Its the most popular Vault app that around 50 million+ users are currently using and enjoying the service. The app has still managed to maintain a 4.5 stars review on Play Store.

With the photo and video hiding feature, the Vault app also includes a bundle of other features which includes call reminder (you will be informed whether its spam), app lock, cloud backup, data transfer, etc. You can also create the fake vault to show different photos if you accidentally fall in trouble. There is also a stealth mode. Stealth mode basically makes Vault icon disappear from the home screen.


Photoguard is the next vault in our list which allows the user to hide photos and videos behind the security layers. However, the only downside is this app allows you to hide only photos and videos. If you are seeking to hide any kind of other files, you have to remove it from the list.

Photogaurd secures your photos and videos by locking them with a password, PIN, pattern or a fingerprint sensor. The app uses military-grade encryption of AES-256 bit standard. Like other previous vaults, this apps has its own advantages. The app is completely ad-free, there is private cloud available, you can also lock albums separately.

The app does contain a premium version. With a premium account, you can get unlimited space for private cloud storage, and email support if you find any trouble for recovering your data.

Vaulty – Hide Photos and Videos

Moving on the hider again – Vaulty could be your choice. This app rocking with the 4.6 stars rating on Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads. You can use Vaulty to hide photos and videos. Also, you can share them directly from Vaulty app to another app where you want to share. Vaulty is a quite simple app in terms of use. Furthermore, the app allows you to create different albums. So, you can keep all the photos well-organized in this app.

However, you do get small banner ads at the bottom. But, it won’t annoy you much as other apps. Vaulty app also features the GIF as well. This could be a nice feature for those who also want a photo hider to hide GIFs.


GalleryVault is another one great vault to hide photos, videos and any other files you want to hide. The app can hide its app icon from the app drawer and keep your privacy absolutely safe. Further, you can import your private images and videos on the secure cloud server. So, whenever you get a new Android device, you can simply log in using the registered email id and download them back from the online cloud server.

However, the cloud server feature is only available for the premium account. So, with a free account, you can simply hide your images locally on your phone using this application and access them whenever you want. This application also has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store with 4.5 starts rating.


If you have ever used an Android app to hide your photos and videos, you’d have surely known about the KeepSafe photo vault. It’s been around them for quite a while and still, the app is performing on the top on Google Play Store among other listed apps above. KeepSafe app bagged massive updates so far.

KeepSafe app also provides you the usual PIN, fingerprint and pattern authentication options. You can also create different folder gird for your images and videos. So, you can jump into any of these folders to add and protect your private photos, videos, and other documents. KeepSafe also gives you the option to upload your images along with the created folder on the private cloud server. So, you can get them back as you would have expected without any stressful steps.

Private Zone

Private Zone can do a lot more things rather than just hiding your photos and videos. Here ‘a lot more’ means tons of. The app can be definitely used to hide photos and videos. But it also brings some variety of other features relates to privacy. Such as free private VPN service, phone anti-thief features, spam call intercept, boost and RAM manager and custom lock screen app.

It could be your first choice because of these cool new features. However, after taking look at the UI, you might remove from your wishlist. Sometimes, the app does show frustrating ads on the screen. But, if you love all those features, you can get rid of the ads by purchasing the subscription.


To keep your private photos, videos and other files safe on your Android device, I would definitely recommend to go for the vault instead of going for general photo hiding apps. Vault comes with the AES-256 bit military standard encryption. So, you can trust that your all data is safe on the cloud. Further, you can get them on any of your Android devices with just log in from your registered account.



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