Download 10 Beautiful Minimal Wallpapers Ported Out from Backdrops Pro Account: We are Giving Away For Free

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Smartphone customization brings positive vibes sometimes when you look at your screen. If you ask me, I am used to changing wallpapers every day and it cost me a premium account in wallpaper applications. While the backdrops are the now highest rated wallpaper app on Google Play Store, I use it almost every day to download new wallpapers.

The free version of Backdrops has some boundaries. Like you won’t get highly eye-catching wallpapers. There are some old collection of wallpapers in the free version. Apart from the free one, in premium account, you get some new beautiful looking minimal wallpapers that make you love your smartphone.

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And, I am just giving away for free to use

Now, since the Backdrops allows the user to download wallpapers on a smartphone, I decided to share those wallpapers with your all. So, I downloaded 10 most beautiful looking wallpapers from the bundle of wallpapers which are only available for Premium member. But, you can download them to use personally. And there is no doubt, you will fall in love.

Of course, our Telegram channel members are highly welcomed first. But, that doesn’t matter to us at all. But, here’s a request that if you are interested in getting tech updates quickly, you can join our Telegram channel right now.

Download wallpapers from here

Do note, the wallpapers attached below are for preview purposes. So, please use the drive link to download them in high resolution.

There are a total of 10 wallpapers to download. All wallpapers are in our Google Drive folder. You can download all or a single wallpaper.

Download Minimal Wallpapers from Right Brothers

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