Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Tips & Tricks

Asus launched Zenfone Max Pro M1 with impressive specification and price. This device is a direct competitor to the Redmi Note 5 Pro. The demand for Note 5 Pro is reduced after the launch and also because Xiaomi increased the price. So, As many of you guys going to buy this or already bought it, You need to know some tips and tricks about this device that might help you to increase your user experience.

#1. 100GB Free Google Drive Storage Worth Rs. 2600

Asus providing Rs. 2600 worth 100GB free google drive storage for everyone who buys this device. To avail this offer you just need to sign up or sign in from your device into Google drive application. 100GB storage will be validated for the 2 years of time period.

#2. Customize Notification Panel

Notification panel is filled with certain shortcuts icons so you can customize it from the setting which icons to show and which not to. Just grab the notification down and tap on the pencil icon to customize it.

#3. Enable Split Screen Mode

To use Split screen tap on the overview button and drag down the app that you want to see in upper half, now you can access the lower half with certain apps so choose which app you want to use in lower half and you are good to go.

#4. How to Enable Gesture Mode?

As you all know that Asus Zenfone Max Pro supports the gesture mode but not all gesture is supported. The basic gesture like double tap to wake up or screen lock. A user can also setup gestures like draw C to open camera or anything else.

#5. Enable Bokeh Mode

First of all open the camera and you will see a button to turn off or turn on bokeh mode. While the secondary camera on the Zenfone Max Pro M1 is included to calculate the depth in the image, Asus is also offering the bokeh mode for the single front camera. You need to maintain some distance between the focused subject and the background for better blur effect.

#6. GoPay Wallet, What is that?

Asus is integrating third-party GoPay wallet in their device from few years. A user can use this wallet to recharge or to send money to someone.

#7. Quickly Turn On Camera

By pressing the power button twice, the Camera app will quickly open. Even if your device is locked the camera app will still open on the double press of the power button.

So, These are 7 settings that might be useful for you guys. Let us know in comments section below if we missed any.