Asus Prohibited from Selling Smartphones Under Zenfone Brand

Last year, Asus announced multiple smartphones under the Zenfone brand like Zenfone Max Pro M1, Zenfone Max M1, Lite L1, Max Pro M2, Max M2, Zenfone 5Z and more…

The company sold more than 1 million smartphones of Zenfone Max Pro M1 and other smartphones sell was fairly well in the huge market of India. However, Asus can’t sell smartphone under Zenfone name as the Delhi High Court restricts them for using the term.

The Telecare Network India Pvt Ltd complaints, That claims to own the Zen and Zen Mobiles trademark. Zen Mobiles sells the feature phone and entry-level smartphones and also sold tablets under Zen branding. The company also claims that the use of Zen branding is damaging its value in the market. Delhi High-Court found this claim sensible and prohibits Asus from selling any smartphone, tablets or any other gadgets starting 8 weeks from Today, June 5th.

Delhi HC notes that Zen Mobiles is selling smartphones in the country from 2008. The company even partnered with Amitabh Bachchan in 2010 as the brand ambassador. While on the other hand, Asus is selling smartphones under Zenfone branding from 2014.

So, Asus can’t sell smartphones under Zenfone branding after July 23rd. The next hearing is on July 10th, So if Asus fails to provide compelling evidence then they have to change the branding of all the previous smartphone or they can further appeal in the Supreme court and that will be a long process.

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