How to Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games – One Click

Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games that was developed and published by Valve Corporation. Launched in 2003, it has become the largest platform for PC gaming, with over 30,000 games available for purchase and download. Steam allows users to buy and download games, as well as connect with friends and other players through its integrated social features. Besides purchasing the official releases, Steam also allows its users to import Non-Steam games inside Steam Library. However, it loses all the features like Steam data showcase, collection library, statistics, and more importantly Steam Artwork. This post will show how to apply official Steam game artwork to Non-Steam games.

Earlier we shared a post on how to add non-steam games to your steam library. After that, many people requested to share a method to apply official Steam game artwork to Non-Steam games, too, with one click of a button.

Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games with One Click

SGDBoop simplifies the process of customizing your Steam library by automating the application of assets from SteamGridDB. With just a single click, it directly adds the assets to your Steam library, eliminating the need for you to download and apply them manually.

What is SGDBoop?

SGDBoop is operated by the SteamGridDB where gamers and art creators can share their artwork for Steam games. You can use this artwork to apply to your favorite game. Generally, it is used for non-steam games because it mimics the official Steam game design which feels more satisfying at the end of the day.

On SGDBoop, not only you can find the official Steam artwork, but you can also find manually for custom artwork within their library. I will show you in a minute.

Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games
SteamGridDB Official Website

Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games using SGDBoop

Time needed: 10 minutes

Let’s get into the Step by Step process of how to apply Steam artwork. This method is for the Windows operating system. If you are using Linux, you can head over to their official website and follow the steps from there.

  1. Download the SGDBoop archive – Click here

  2. Extract the ZIP file on the desktop.

  3. Inside the folder, you will see the SGDBoop.exe file. Right-click on it and ‘Run as Administrator’.

  4. You should get an information block that will say ‘Program registered successfully!’. Click on OK.

  5. Test the Browser Integration. Click on the link below to test the browser integration of SGDBoop.

    Click here to Test Browser Integration

    You should get a dialogue box says ‘SGDBoop is working.’ Click on Ok.

    Now we are good to moveon to our next step which is applying the Artwork to Non-Steam game.

  6. Now, head over to the SteamGridDB website. You will have to turn on the ‘Toggle’ to import the Artwork.

  7. Open Steam on your PC. In this article, I will show you an example of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered game.

  8. Now, Go to SteamGridDB Website > Browse > Search for your Non-Steam Game

    You will see results containing different Artworks including for Heroes, Logos and Icons.

    I will show what are those options for. First, let’s focus on importing official Steam Artwork.

    Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games

  9. Click on ‘View Original Steam Asstes’

    Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games

  10. Click ‘Boop ’em all’.

    Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games

  11. It will open CMD on your computer and then it will ask you to select the game.
    Select your the game you want to apply to and click OK.

    Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games

  12. Now, it in your Steam Library, you should see the Logo, Cover and CD Artwork applied to your game.

    Apply Steam Game Artwork to Non-steam Games

How to Do Further Modifications

Now let’s see, how you can do further moficiations using the different given tabs in SteamGridDB. This includes the use of Grids, Heroes, Logos and Icons tab.

Basics of Art in Steam

Example of Grid Artwork
Example of Icons, Heroes and Logos Artwork

GRIDS TAB: Here you will find collection of Grid image Art.

HEROES TAB: Here you will find collection of Cover Art.

LOGOS TAB: Here you will find collection of Logo Art.

ICONS TAB: Here you will find collection of Launch icon logo Art.

1. Let’s see HEROES tab. Here, you will find collection of cover art that you can apply of your choice.
Click on Heroes.

2. Click on the Boop icon with + sign on it to Apply to your Non-steam game.
Once again it will ask you to select game. So select and click OK.


One of the unique features of Steam is the ability for game developers to upload custom artwork for their games, which acts as a visual representation of the game and often helps players decide whether or not to purchase it.

The artwork on Steam often sets the tone and style for the game, and can be just as important as the actual game content. It’s not uncommon for gamers to spend hours browsing through the artwork on Steam, admiring the creativity and skill that goes into each piece. The Steam artwork gallery is a true testament to the talent of game artists and the power of visual storytelling in the gaming industry.


How to apply Official Steam game artwork to cracked games?

You can follow the same steps mentioned above to apply the artwork to cracked games.

Can I apply custom artwork to non-steam game?

Yes. You can search through the SteamGridDB library for more artwork available and chose one suits to your personality.

Is SteamGridDB’s SGDBoop is safe?

Yes. SGDBoop is an open source project. The repository is available on Github. So far, I haven’t faced any issues with the SGDBoop.

Can you remove SGDBoop after importing artwork?

Yes. Removing SGDBoop from PC won’t remove the artwork from Steam.

If you have further questions let us know in comment. We will surely help you.

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