Apple’s iPhone Xs Max Crushes the Pixel 3 XL in Benchmark Test

Google announced their two new smartphones in the Pixel lineup and both devices are exactly the same as we expected to be. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 845 chip which is almost a year old and can it perform well against competitors because it has 4GB of RAM only. Apple Insider compared the Pixel 3 XL with the iPhone Xs Max and tests the various benchmark result. You can watch the benchmark test video from below.

Geekbench 4 Test:

iPhone Xs Max scores 4816 in single core and 11584 in multicore whereas, Pixel 3 XL managed to get 2393 in single core and 8312 in multicore. In single-core result Pixel 3 XL score is half of the iPhone Xs Max.

Geekbench Graphic Test:

Apple’s hardware again scores double of the Pixel 3XL scores and outperforms Pixel 3 in Geekbench Graphic tests.

Antutu Graphic Intensive Benchmark:

In the Antutu Graphic Intensive Benchmark Pixel 3 XL scores quite well but it still can’t beat the iPhone Xs Max. Pixel 3XL scores 2,84,546 and iPhone Xs Max scores 3,63,687.

Antutu HTML 5 Test:

In the last test iPhone Xs Max scored 35% higher than the Pixel 3XL. Pixel 3XL scored 34,675 and iPhone Xs Max scored 46,531 in the last Antutu HTML5 test.

iPhone Xs Max is powered by an A12 chip which is made on 7nm Technology and Snapdragon 845 is made on 10nm technology so the result is obvious. Snapdragon 855 running device might launch early next year and the chip be based on 7nm technology so let’s see how it performs against Apple’s A12 Bionic Chip.


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