Apple to Stick w/ Notch Instead of Motorized Parts for Upcoming iPhones

For the truly bezel-less smartphone, manufacturers turning towards the motorized tech. Indeed, it is necessary to shave the bezels completely from a smartphone. Of course, I am now talking about the Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X. One has a sweet tray that takes care of the 8MP front camera and pops up when the user needs it. While other have motorized panel carries both rears as well as the front camera.

Moving eyes on Apple, it looks like still, the company has plans to stick with that ‘notch’ on the front top. And now, in 2018 the notch is a trend in the smartphone industry. In recent times, the respected analyst Horace Dediu has done the interview with the well-known news industry The interview was on upcoming iPhones where in answer he said the upcoming 2018 Apple iPhones will not follow the new motorized tech.

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While we know such incredible idea offers the user to experience a phone without those ugly bezels and notch. However, there are noticeable losses that company could face after implementing this feature. And one of major is the waterproof certification. Still, the manufacturers don’t have well-developed ideas. And this is the main reason the Oppo Find X does not have certification for water protection.

There are chances the company could have plans to launch budget iPhones with even better internals. But, it is confirmed that Apple fans will have the future iPhones with very thin bezels compared to the iPhone X. Furthermore, if you are already a member of our Telegram channel then you may know that Apple will ditch lightning port and install USB Type-C port. So, there are possibilities that future iPhones may have support for fast-charging. If you would like to catch more news, you can go through upcoming iPhone timeline.

iPhone Timeline

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