Apple is “Not” Actually Replacing Keyboards in MacBooks Having a Key Issue

Apple introduced its third-generation butterfly keyboard in 2018. But, the response rate was not quite healthy as Apple was expecting. When MacBook kicked off in the market, people were ending up using it because of its new butterfly keyboard. The company has implemented new tech under the keys. But, still users, who got their hands-on 2018 MacBook Pro complaining about the fault they are facing in the MacBook keyboards.

Well, yesterday, Apple released a public statement and admits that there is indeed issue with the 2018 MacBook Pro with the third generation butterfly keyboard. Now, it is worth to note here that users don’t have any kind of complaint with the keyboard experience. But the question id for its durability. As a solution, Apple released a new web page which shows some steps to clean the keyboard manually at home with compressed air.

Image Courtesy: Apple

Because the real issue is the dust getting stuck beneath the keycap and messing up the key performance. Well, earlier in June 2018, Apple released the replacement program for its MacBook and MacBook Pro, in which they repair the keyboard and promised to give it back within 10-days. We also shared that news on our Telegram channel.

However, several threads on Reddit show that users are still facing the same problem even after the fourth repair process and that makes sense that Apple is not actually replacing the whole keyboard with the new one. They are shipping the MacBook with the same keyboard they got out-of-the-box. It’s just cleaned properly so that they can get more life to continue work.

Now, it seems Apple cannot actually fix these third-generation butterfly keyboards. But, 2019 MacBook Pro with getting the healthy keyboard to use. Of course, the company will come up with the new solution to get the keyboard keys rid of dust.