Apple Patents Hole in Display for Selfie Camera at Top Right Corner!

Apple patents the hole in a display for the selfie camera at the top right corner. The latest patent pdf revealed by LetsgoDigitial includes a lot of information about the new patent. Apple is planning to cut down that big notch and make it smaller with the selfie camera hole in the display.

Earlier Samsung patent the O-Infinity display at the Samsung Developer Conference which is very similar to this technology. Samsung patents the notch at the left where the notch in the Apple patent is at the right. Huawei and LG also patent the tiny notch inside the display which was positioned at the center.

The idea here is to remove the notch, remove the bezels and provide the full-screen experience. 2018 was all about the notch displays and 2019 will be of Tiny notch display. So we might see the In-Display notch this year.

Samsung is providing the display to apple for their iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max. It seems like Apple will purchase the display for their upcoming iPhones if they are going to implement this tech on their upcoming device. Samsung’s 4 display technology is open for a manufacturer to buy – said Samsung.


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