Antutu Released AI Benchmark App to Test AI Performance of Smartphones

More and more companies are now focusing on AI more to sell their devices on the name of AI. So the many companies taking on the name of AI and charging their users more. Artificial Intelligence is useful in the smallest task like recognizing scenario and even in the heavy tasks. So to measure the actual AI test, A well-known performance benchmarking website introduced AI Benchmark service.

Each chip manufacturer using different methods to implement the AI in a chipset. While Qualcomm is using internal DSP for the AI task, Huawei is using dedicated NPU for AI operations and MediaTek is using dedicated APU for the AI operations.

AnTuTu’s AI Review benchmark is divided into two sub-categories: Image Classification and Object Recognition. The image classification is based on the Inception v3 neural network, the test data is 200 pictures, and the object recognition is based on the mobilenet ssd neural network, the test data is a 600-frame video.

The final benchmark score is directly depended on the speed and accuracy of the device. If the accuracy is poor then Antutu will assign penalties to stop the cheating in AI benchmark.

AI Benchmark Score of Poco F1

We decided to test our own device to see how much score it gets. The Poco F1 running on Snapdragon 845 gets the 97663 total scores. In Image classification, it gets 48803 and in Object Detection, it received 48860 scores.

Download Antutu’s AI Benchmark APK 

In Antutu own blog spot, It clearly mentions that the app is still in the early stage so the result might not be accurate and we can’t judge the smartphone capability by just looking at the final result. There are many complex things running inside the smartphones which can’t be calculated.


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