Google has Plans to Switch for iOS Like Swipe Gestures

The first beta preview of Android Q has been officially out. Since it is only available on Google Pixel devices, lucky are those who got their hands on Pixel phones. And tech geeks are already looking into new features hidden in Android Q. We already have listed major features coming to Android Q. Although, it seems there are still more in a pipeline.

Android Q will not have any UI changes though, but for sure there will be tons of new features. Well, today I just came across one. And that’s gestures. The update brings new gesture animations. If you can manage to recall, we went through some headlines in the past and those were pointing out towards removal of a back button. Although, there no signs in the first beta build of Android Q.

Looking at the gif, the app switching gesture is working on the same way as we have seen in iOS. The app switcher now switches app in full screen, instead of converting into a small size as it is working in Android Pie. Well, according to me it should work a little bit of fast compared to the Android Pie because of not having more animations.

Before the launch of Android Q Beta 1, it was believed that Google’s first generation Pixel devices won’t get it. The devices would only be getting security patch updates. But, it is great to see the Android Q Beta 1 update on those older devices as well. Now, it has been around 4 days since Android Q Beta 1 released and we already have a long list of new features. Let’s see what more coming.