Android Q May Bring New Font, Icon Shape, Accent Color Overlays and More Security Features

Google is working on Android Q and we might see the first beta in Google I/O which is held from May 7 to May 9. The software event will take place at Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA. The Android Q has been leaked and XDA already uploaded a video covering what’s new in the Android Q.

Image Courtesy: XDA Developers

XDA Developers reported a few more changes which are coming with the Android Q. Google may add few more customization in the upcoming Android version. In the leaked earlier Android Q build there are features that allow changing the fonts, Icons shape and accent color.

New Customization Available in Android Q

  • Fonts: Arvolato, Rubik
  • Icons: Rounded Rectangle, Square, Squircle, Teardrop
  • Accent Colors: Black, Green, Purple

Just like the Android Oreo, there aren’t any built-in features that let you allow to change fonts, Icons, and Accent Colors. Google might remove this feature in the polished build like they removed dark mode from the Oreo.

Security Features Coming to Android Q

  • Blocking Background Clipboard Access: Well, If you don’t know that every Android application can read your clipboard data without asking for permission. A lot of people copy data like their username, password and/or any other sensitive data. So, Google may block the clipboard access to the applications.
  • Support for Downgrading Application: Because some new might bring some new bugs or it might not work there is no way to downgrade the application without rooting your android. Or else you need to uninstall the app and sideload the application outside from the Playstore. Well, Google may bring the new feature that will allow downgrading the application.
  • Securing Files on External Storage: When you allow permission to any application, it can read any data on your storage so to solve that problem Google will add new permissions.
    • Ability to read the locations from your media. (Likely blocking access to the metadata of images by default.)
    • Ability to access music files.
    • Ability to access photos.
    • Ability to access videos.
  • The Return of Background Location Access: The Android Q might bring back the background location access for the application. The company removed the background location access for the app but it created some issue like user can’t allow the permission to run the app in the background. So, Google will be adding the new permission that asks users if they want to allow an app to run in the background or not.

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