Android Q Developer Preview is Available for Pixel Devices: Here is Everything New About it

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The very first Android Q Developer Preview is Here and if you own any Pixel Device (Pixel, Pixel 2 or Pixel 3) you can download it on your device and play with it. Enroll for Android Q Developer Preview from here. 

Android Q will get major updates but not just yet as its Developer Preview and not the official beta version. Still, It has some minor changes here and there that worth considering.

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Theming Options:

Android Q finally has this feature to change the accent color of notification icons. Not all people would use it so this feature is hidden in the developer setting under the theming section. You can choose colors between blue (default), purple, green and black.

Scrolling down will show you an option called Headline/ Body font. From where you can change the default font in your device.

Image Courtesy: Android Authority

Screenshot with Notches and Rounded Corners:

The screenshots will also show the notches and rounded corners in Android Q. Well, Personally this doesn’t look good and I have no idea why Google added this feature in Android Q.

Image Courtesy: Android Police

Estimated Battery in Quick Settings:

The new update will show you how long your battery will last right next to your battery icon. The below image shows how it will work.

Finally Sharing Menu Improvement

Sharing Menu in Android is Crap and Google listened to us Finally! Android Q has much better sharing menu with the copy option at the top.

Swipe Right to Clear Notifications

You can swipe right to clear the notifications but swiping left will give you some option like if you want to snooze the notification of particular app and if year then for how long.

Privacy Options in Setting

Google is more focused on Privacy with Android Q and they even added a new option in Setting called privacy. Where you can set app permissions, Show/ Hide passwords, Autofill passwords, Location history and more..

Material Theme

Google is working on a material theme for their new OS and the Android Q has a lot of changes in theme. Google already pushed some apps with material themes like Gmail, Phone, Message.

Share Wi-Fi with QR Code

If you’re using any Custom skin device like MIUI or EMUI then you might be familiar with this feature. You can share the Wi-Fi password using the QR code.

Just select the network you want to share, click on share icon, and verify your password. You will see unique QR code which you need to scan in your another device.

No Night Mode

Google has removed Night mode from Android Q Developer Preview but It will come back in Beta Update (Probably). Because Google did the same thing last year with Android P so we can expect it to be back in the final release or Beta update.

That’s all the changes in Google’s upcoming Android Q operating system. Let us know in comments if you think we have missed any. Make sure to follow us on Telegram and Facebook for instant tech updates.

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