Android P Preview is Out – Here is Everything You Need to Know!

We all have been waiting for the new Android release which is Android P or Android Pie or Pinkcake or what Google will name it after its official release. Today is the day Google released Android P Developer Preview 1. This Android Version is only available for the Developer but you can experience it if you wish to.

How to Install?

Android P or Android 9.0 builds is only available for pixel devices which include pixel, pixel xl, pixel 2, pixel 2 xl. If you own any of this device you can install developer preview version. You can download the latest Developer Preview system image and manually flash it to your device. See the table below to download the system image for your test device. Manually flashing a device is useful if you need precise control over the test environment or need to reinstall frequently, such as for automated testing.


Device Download Link SHA-256 Checksum
Pixel 3e45bada247af4a0aa333060247aa4ea814e18977b5b065042c74f4a14faddd1
Pixel XL 1ff7eb1cf1ac7a336d9180d47b187af63bb39c1fb7e80627d3f2a3496bc98e2c
Pixel 2 bfdceeea0a1aede3e16df7944bc1c73ba5021ce9def3f3ba9593ef3f637f0f56
Pixel 2 XL 8e44f67a4d8dee65c5dcb3db1f603cce87ab08c00a5010441c71313daf5ed912



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What’s New in Android P Via XDA



  • User Interface changes in Android P Developer Preview 1
    • New UI for settings/quick settings
    • New notification style for messages
    • New transition/notification expansion animations
    • Updated Pixel Launcher with voice search icon and more prominent dock
    • Battery saver no longer shows orange warning
    • Always on display shows battery info and centers notifications
    • New Easter Egg.
    • About phone screen now shows additional info in a popup window.


  • Quality of Life changes in Android P Developer Preview 1Built-in screenshot editor.
    • Screenshot button in power menu
    • Text selection zoom (like iOS)
    • Battery saver can now be scheduled.
    • Do Not Disturb has been simplified down to a single mode
    • Volume buttons now control media volume by default
    • Adaptive Brightness is now much more useful as it actually changes the base brightness level
    • Hotspot can be turned off automatically if no devices are connected
    • Rotation can be locked to landscape mode
    • Multi-Bluetooth HFP/A2DP support
    • Individual Wi-Fi networks can now be set to metered/unmetered
    • Private DNS (DNS-over-TLS)
    • Vibration controls in Accessibility Settings
    • Accessibility option to disable all animations
    • SysTrace tool is now built-in
    • Recently posted notifications are now shown in notification settings


Google Completely changed UI in the latest developer preview of Android P. It looks more minimal now. To be honest the Setting looks like Samsung’s setting app which is not super cool. Well, this is just the 1st preview of Android P and more will release soon from google and it will probably include some bug fixes and slight other improvements.

Let us know if you are using it on your device or not. If yes how is your experience so far?