Thanks to Wolfram Alpha, Alexa Now Knows How Fast is Wind Blowing Right Now

If you are Amazon Alexa user, then you know that Alexa feels shy when someone tries to ask an informational question or mathematical equations. Amazon cares about the Alexa more and that’s why now, Alexa is getting the Wolfram Alpha integration.

Alexa: Ask anything to me, I am ready to reply!

So, what actually is Wolfram Alpha? Well, I am not going in-depth information. So, Wolfram Alpha is a unique engine for computing answers and providing knowledge. So, now, you can ask Alexa any question like Alexa, how fast wind is blowing right now? Alexa, how much does 100 x 3 make? Alexa, how many sheets of paper will fit in a binder?

The feature is already available for some Alexa users, but as the company has informed, you shouldn’t expect to see it right now. It might take some time to become available there. With the integration of Wolfram Alpha, Alexa delivers the information from the sites like Wikipedia, Accuweather, and Before there were not many sources to deliver answers of such mathematical, history or geography questions.

At this point, I would like to mention Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri in this story. Google Assistant is still not using the Wolfram Alpha yet. Because it has it’s own search engine maybe. But, at some points, due to the lack of Wolfram Alpha, the Assistant still fails to give an answer to some puzzling questions. And talking about Apple’s Siri, it uses the Wolfram Alpha integration since the iPhone 4S launch.


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