6 Features Apple Copied From Android P!

During WWDC 2018 Apple announced iOS 12 and a lot of features added to the iOS 12. The main focus of iOS 12 is to focus on stability and run smoothly on all new and old devices. With a bunch of new features announced that eliminates the limitation of iOS 11 and Few features are copied from the Googles’s Android.

#1. Group Notification 

Grouping notification is there in Android for quite some time. This feature was there in iOS 9 but removed for some reason and not it’s back again.

With iOS 12, it offers the bundle notification that makes it looks easy for users and it’s very similar to the what android is offering.

#2. New Parental Control

New Parental control in iOS 12 can control the screen and usage of child’s mobile. Google’s Family link achieved the same thing back in 2017.

#3. Memoji or AR Emoji

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ introduced AR Emoji, which not only allow you to animate different emojis and Disney characters (like The Incredibles, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck, among others), but they have allowed you to create your own emoji.

iOS 12 comes with the same feature with a different name. It’s called Memoji and a user can create their own emoji with the latest iOS 12 in their iPhone X.

#4. Group Calls in FaceTime

With the iOS 12 FaceTime lets, you allow video chat with more than 2 people. This feature is there from the quite some time in Android. Android’s default video calling app was Hangout and this feature was there from the beginning. Although after Google introduced Google Duo as default video calling app for Android this feature removed from it.

#5. Improved DND Mode

Goole introduced Wind down feature in Android P which stops the notification in the bedtime and if you are using your smartphone for a long time the screen will turn into greyish.

With iOS 12, Apple will let you set the bedtime and stop showing a notification at that time. Which is very similar to the Android’s Wind Down feature.

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#6. Photo Suggestion

The iOS 12 photo app will suggest you share a photo with specific people, using a new feature facial recognition. Google photo is offering this feature for a long time.


Apple is catching up and improving by copying the features from the Android. It’s not bad unless a company copies good features.