5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Realme 2 Pro

Realme 2 Pro launched today (on 27th September) in the Indian market. Realme 2 Pro has some great features in the affordable price range. But there are always some downside if you’re paying less. Well, If you are interesting checking out detailed specifications about this device – don’t hesitate to click here.

Realme 2 Pro is priced at Rs. 13,990 for a base model which is 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Realme 2 Pro?

Well, There are various reasons to buy this device like dewdrop notch display, Snapdragon 660 processor higher RAM variants, and storage. but here we will discuss the cons.

#1. Underclocked Snapdragon 660

Realme 2 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 660 which is a very popular chip in the midrange market. Realme only mentioned that it is powered by the Snapdragon 660 but the thing is the chip is underclocked.

The clock speed of the Snapdragon 660’s processor by default is 2.2GHz, but the frequency that has been listed in the benchmark is 1.96GHz. Bear in mind that the Snapdragon 636 and the Snapdragon 660 are nearly the same chipsets, with the only difference showing in the clock speeds. The Snapdragon 636 is running at a speed of 1.8GHz, compared to the Snapdragon 660’s 2.2GHz frequency.

#2. No Fast Charging: 

Image Courtesy: Beebom

Realme didn’t mention if the device supports fast charging or not. The device is shipped with the 5V/2A Standard charger so that means it doesn’t have fast charging support. Well, There are smartphones like Motorola One Power which supports fast charging and also ships with the turbocharger in the box itself.

#3. No Bootloader Unlock so No Development 

Realme 2 Pro is priced so well and the smartphone is for the online consumers. I know many of you guys don’t really care about development but some of us do. If Realme 2 Pro would have supported the developer and allows to unlock the bootloader, It will sell like a hot pie.

#4. ColorOS Skin Over Android 8.1 

Image Courtesy: Gadget360

I am not a big fan of heavy skin over Android. Stock Android is great but this skins adds a lot of bloatware and customize a lot. ColorOS looks very similar to the iOS. I prefer stock Android over ColorOS and your preferences may differ.

#5. Less Battery Capacity

Realme 2 was packed with the 4230mAh battery which is huge and can run easily for more than one day but Realme 2 Pro has 3500mAh battery which is slightly less than the Realme 2 or any other smartphone in this price segment. Motorola One Power is packed with 5000mAh battery and also support turbo charge. Asus ZMP has a 5000mAh battery, Redmi Note 5 Pro has 4000mAh battery.

So, These are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t purchase Realme 2 Pro. If this doesn’t matter to you can purchase this device on 11th October (First Flash Sale). Join Our Telegram channel for Instant tech updates.