5 Reason Why Not to Buy OnePlus 6

OnePlus recently announced the latest device OnePlus 6 and that impressed everyone with its great hardware and the features it offers. I really liked that device but still, there are some missing features that you might need to consider before buying it.

1. Not Certified Waterproofing

OnePlus 6 is splashproof that means it has a certain amount of waterproof. But it’s not completely waterproof. Some other smartphone is available in the market with slighly more price and IP 67/68 certified waterproofing. Nonetheless, this is a welcome change for many.

2. No Expandable Storage

OnePlus 6 is available in 3 variants – 64GB, 128GB & 256GB and I believe you don’t need MicroSD slot but many users care about expandable storage. OnePlus didn’t provide MicroSD slot in the latest OnePlus 6. Although, it was present in previous OnePlus devices.

3. No Battery Upgrade

The battery of OnePlus 6 stays at the same 3300mAh just like its previous device OnePlus 5T and it supports the Dash charging technology.

4. Slow Motion Video Limits to 480fps

Unfortunately, OnePlus 6 supports slow motion video up to 480fps. Some other flagships support 960fps slow-motion video.

5. Notch? Maybe

Before the launch, people were complaining about the notch. Notch is the worst trend of 2018 but now people used to it accepted it as a change. OnePlus 6 has a notch but its smaller than iPhone or any other Android.