5 Reason Why Android P SUCKS!

Google a big head of Technology market just released disappoint, I mean Android P in the market. Along with Android P release, Google disappointed many Android fans for various reasons. I am using Android P from last few days and I am not completely satisfied with the look/UI that Google went for. Also, it makes me angry because of some restriction google applied to Android P. So sharing my initial impression and thoughts about why Android P sucks.

#1. Custom Overlays has been gone.

If you’re into ROM and Root stuff, chances are you’ve heard about the substratum themes. Substratum themes are one of the best things to customize your android. I am really a fan of the substratum themes and was using it on my device but then Android P came and all have been gone. I really wish Google brings back custom overlays in next developer preview. If you wish the same sign in a petition: Bring Back Custom Overlays on Android P – Sign Petition

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#2. Notification Panel looks ugly

I am not sure if I am only who doesn’t like the new change in the notification panel. In my opinion, it looks like iPhone’s notification panel. It is rounded and added blue color to it show when its on. Notification panel is good tho with better notifications improvements but the Icons looks so bad.

#3. Setting Menu

Just like the notification panel icons, they applied they made everything round here as well. I don’t hate the look of the setting menu but I don’t even like it. It looks like Samsung’s TouchWiz setting menu. Anyways that’s a personal preference so you might like that.

#4. Time on Left – What?

New Android P developer preview 1 shows time on the left side. Yes, it’s not a big thing but still. we are used to seeing the time on the right side but in the latest version, Google decided to show it on the left side. Just why?

#5 Support for Notch

Not all smartphones will come with the “notchy” screen but there are many rumors that many smartphones company decided to launch their smartphone with the notch. I personally don’t like the notch and Google should not have support for the notch. Anyways, let’s hope pixel 3 don’t come up with the notch.

Besides this problem google also added a lot more new features to improve the user experience. I liked a lot of things about the Android P but this 5 things which are really hated. Share your experience with the Android P in comments below.