5 Best KLWP Themes

KLWP is an awesome application to customize your home screen. For those who don’t know what is KLWP: It is Kustom Live Wallpaper App, that will basically create a live wallpaper that embeds text, animation, and application inside. It is all in one app that doesn’t require widget or icon pack to use. You can change everything within this application. So here are the best 5 KLWP themes or you can say preset which I found to be awesome.

#1. Flash for KLWP

Flash is a dark theme and has 3 pages. The first page shows the time, date and some basic weather information. Second-page shows are contained in the news feed and the Third page is of Music player. The best thing about this music player is that it sum lights up when music is playing.

#2. FuelUI KLWP

FuelUI has only one layer. Developer packed lot of things on one page. there is maps, date & time, Few necessary apps, contacts, compass, and battery usages. It looks dope all together on one page.

#3. Marbles for KLWP

Marbles is one of the best KLWP theme available on playstore. I always keep trying different themes but this theme is amazing. There are total 3 pages in this theme.

The first page contains a time and some basic application that you need in day to day task like calendar, messages, notes, maps, call. The good thing about this is all the icons are floating and that looks really nice. below that, there is google search box and calendar.

The second page contains few more apps, date and time. and the third page contains media. Here all the apps are related to media or games. A music player is also included in this page, which will play music from your default music player.

#4. Marl

Marl includes only 2 page but the style they have gone for looks amazing. Those animations and design made me put this theme on this list. The first page only includes You location, that shows the area around you and it looks like the wallpaper. Just below that it shows time and date in small font. A music player is on the same tab and when you play music the icon the unnecessary stuff hides automatically.

The second page is not actually a page it opens half of the tab and shows basic information like network, battery level, weather, storage, ram, and events.

#5. AH Collection (ATK014)

AH collection makes really good themes and they also provide regular updates and keep adding more themes. So this ATK014 theme from AH collection is really nice. There are 3 parts, One shows time and date, another calendar and music. It’s that simple theme.

So, these are all 5 KLWP themes that I really think is awesome. If you have any theme suggestion then comment below. Let me know which theme you liked the most.