5 Best Alternatives to Xender for File Transfer for 2019

Xender is one of the well known mobile application to transfer files from the mobile device but now this app has a lot of issues with Android Oreo devices. One of the major disadvantages of using Xender is that it asks for a lot of permission that really is not required, That’s not the good idea to allow that many permission. So, I found 5 best application that you can use to file transfer from Android to any other device. These applications are free to use and available on the playstore.

#1. Files Go by Google

Files Go is ap developed by the Google as the name says. This app just consumes the 7-megabyte size. This app is very easy to use and doesn’t ask for the unnecessary permissions. you just need to install this app on both Android device that you want to transfer files.

Download App From Google Play Store →

#2. Share via HTTP – File Transfer

The easiest way to share files from your Android to any device! This app will open an HTTP server in which anyone can download the file. You can also, from any Android app, click on “share” and “Share via HTTP”. It’s that easy to use. There are no bad things about this app. Simplicity is what they preferred in this app and that makes me use this app for a long time.

Download App From Google Play Store →

#3. EasyJoin

Send messages, links, files, folders, and notifications to your PC and/or other devices easily and securely.

This app doesn’t require the data connection and doesn’t ask for the unnecessary permission so they don’t track you like other apps to target ads. also, there is No Advertising so your personal data is safe from the advertiser.

Download App From Google Play Store →

#4. Send Anywhere

This 11MB app is amazing while it still in beta it covers most of the features that we wanted. Before you start transferring the files it asks for the key so no other users can interpret you while you transfer.

Download App From Google Play Store →

#5. SHAREit

I really didn’t want to add this app to the list but I had no choice left. This is the last and trash app. There are some features that I like but the advertising and the amount of Spam increasing made me uninstall this app. This works like a charm, file sharing is easy between mobiles and computer.

Download App From Google Play Store →

So, These are all file sharing app that I think is best file sharing apps of all time. So, try all the apps and let me know in comments which is your favorite.