10 Minimal Best KLWP Themes to Try on Your Android Device in 2019

We have crowned Android operating system because of its ‘open-source’ nature. Android allows users to tweak systemwide using themes. In this post, I will show you the best klwp themes that you can use on your Android device.

What is KLWP Theme?

KLWP not only lets you change the theme, but it also lets you customize it as you want. KLWP stands for Kustom Live Wallpapers. To make it work you need to download a supported launcher, most of the launcher works fine with KLWP except Go Launcher so make sure to use the one which is supported.

Download KLWP

How to Use KLWP Themes?

The below video from XDA Developers explains how to use KLWP Themes.

10 Best Minimal KLWP Themes

Flash for KLWP

Flash is very minimal KLWP Themes. It has three pages and requires Nova Prime or any other supported launcher to work. After downloading this theme make sure to set grid size to 10 x 8 and enable scrolling from the nova setting.

Flow for KLWP

Flow for KLWP is a premium KLWP theme you can buy from the play store. It has 15+ new wallpapers included in the apps and developer will provide more in the future updates. Flow for KLWP is very minimal and have great design and animation.


MateriAsh for KWGT/ KLWP

MateriAsh for KLWP is a great minimal and simple theme app that you should definitely try out. It includes couple of KLWP themes and if you also use KWGT then it will get you covered. As all the app, you will need a pro version of Nova Launcher and KLWP Themes to use this application.


Minimal for Kustom / KLWP

Minimal for KLWP includes 5 great minimal themes in the application. The themes available are very unique and looks really cool. You will need Nova Launcher Prime and KLWP Pro application to use this app as it is not a standalone app.

Pixelize for Kustom KLWP

Pixelize for Kustom adopting the pixel look and own material design look for KLWP. You can download the paid version of the application right from the play store. It will cost you Rs. 100 or $2 to get this application and it is definitely worth it.


Minimal Home theme for KLWP

As the name suggests, Minimal home theme for KLWP is a set of new and unique themes which you can use with the KLWP app. You will need Nova Launcher and KLWP pro installed in your android device.

SleekHome for KLWP

This theme adopts the card style interface for the app shortcuts and it also adds clock widget and more at the top. This theme lets you change color and text from the KLWP settings.

Fuchsia OS KLWP 

Fuchsia OS is a new opertating system made by Google. Company is still working on this OS and will launch it by end of 2020 or 2021. As of now we have a clear look of the OS and here is a theme so you can try it on your device.

OneUI-Home for KLWP

Samsung recently launched OneUI Beta based on Android Pie for their flagship devices. OneUI completely changes the user experience of Samsung devices. You can have same feel like OneUI in your device using KLWP.

Minimal for Kustom/KLWP

Minimal for KLWP is a paid KLWP theme which can be downloaded from the play store. It has a great materialistic theme which you’re gonna love if you prefer minimal things. This theme will cost you Rs. 120 or $2 which is one time cost.


Every single theme I mentioned requires a launcher like Nova and KLWP theme and pro key installed. Without KLWP pro key you can’t use external theme. you can purchase KLWP pro key from the play store.

If you think we missed out any theme then let us know in comments section below. Checkout our last years best KLWP Theme article.


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