10+ Android Tips and Tricks: You Should be Using in 2019

Android is the world’s largest mobile operating system and the number of users keeps increasing day by day. There are several hidden tricks that you can use to improve your usability of Android. You might know some of the tricks but not all of it so make sure to read the article till the end.


You can dial back your last caller just by clicking the dial button in your phone app. This does work on default phone application of your device on any custom skin.

Chrome Tab Multitasking

You can switch between chrome tab by swiping from left to right or right to left. This trick is very handy and useful to switch between tabs. You don’t need to select on tabs everytime you want to switch.

Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning lets you only allow to use a particular application. This feature is handy when you give your phone to one of your friends. It doesn’t allow to close or switch apps until you unlock the phone. This feature makes sure that your friend doesn’t do anything else on your phone.

Noise Reduction in Photos

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing/enhancing application available on the play store. It has tons of feature and one of the useful features is noise reduction. It completely removes the noise from the image and if not it definitely reduces the noise from the noisy image.

Adding Contact Details on Lock Screen

You can add your contact details on the lock screen so if you lost your device then one who found can contact on your email or your secondary phone number.

You can add it by going it to the settings and lock screen signature.

Add Snippets

If you type a particular word or email several times a day then you should add the snippets. So whenever you type an “email” it will automatically replace the word with [email protected]

Reading Mode/ Eye Comfort

You can use a blue light or yellow light filter to protect your eyes from the high brightness. In the night it will also help you to get the sleep. You can enable the reading from right from the setting. You can even schedule it for the time you like.

Turn On Wi-Fi and Hotspot at Same Time

Android Pie already has this feature using that you can share your wi-fi to another device. If your device is not running on Android Pie then you can download the app called Net Share from the playstore which lets you allow Wi-Fi and hotspot at the same time.

Enable Navigation Gesture

Android Pie brings some cool navigation gestures but if you didn’t like then you can change the way navigation gestures work and if you’re not yet on android pie then you can use the navigation gestures on your Android device using an app called fluid navigation gesture. We have a detailed article on that you might want to check that out.

Save Webpage as PDF

Find the page that you want to save on Google chrome and just tap on Pring from there you just need to choose the save as PDF and it will download it on your android device.

Move Chrome Search Bar at Bottom

The search bar at the bottom is very handy in the big smartphones. It’s possible to reach at the top with 1 handed so if you’re using your smartphone with 1 hand more often then you should definitely try this trick. Here is a detailed article on how to move a search bar to the bottom.


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