$1.6 Billion Copyright Lawsuit has Been Filed Against Spotify

Everywhere is 2018 now. Everyone is celebrating it. But this is not a new year for Spotify company. Spotify just got hit with the huge $1.6 Billion Copyright Lawsuit. This copyright lawsuit has been filed by the Wixen which is a music publishing company.

The music publishing company Wixen said that Spotify has used their thousands of songs without a license. They mainly include songs of Tom Petty, Neil Young, and the Doors. Wixen is the music publishing company who has the official license of all these songs. As per the lawsuit, Wixen definitely says that when the company started the platform, many main record publishers were brought onboard to license songs on the Spotify. But, it is said that the Spotify have failed to obtain all necessary rights for the songs. Therefore, Wixen filed the total $1.6 Billion copyright lawsuit against Spotify for the infringement.

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As per mentioned the in the report, in the lawsuit, Wixen’s lawyers say,

Spotify brazenly disregards (the) United States Copyright law and has committed willful, ongoing copyright infringement. Wixen notified Spotify that it neither obtained a direct or compulsory mechanical license for the use of (Wixen’s) works. For these reasons and the foregoing, Wixen is entitled to the maximum statutory relief.

The law is coming to the $43 Million Licensing Settlement.  In that settlement, the lawsuit says that Spotify has top reproduce the licenses for which it got failed to obtain and after that, it can distribute the songs/compositions on its platform.